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Behavior Education Training Associates
Frank J Marone, PhD, BCBA-D 1-00-0146
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About our staff
began providing consultation and assessment services in 1987. We began assisting three children in inclusive school settings in 1992. Today, over two dozen children and adults receive assistance and support to participate in school, home, community, and work environments. Our staff are all professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis with qualities, experience, and training that enable maximum success. Our newly opened clinic in San Francisco enables us to provide more intensive hands on training of parents and professionals in skills necessary to promote growth of children and adults affected by disabilities, with videotape feedback for maximum success.

Frank J Marone, Ph.D., BCBA
Director of Services

Email - beta.sf@juno.com

Karen L Baker, B.S.
Executive Director

Email - karenbaker@aintmisbehavin.com

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